We're two weeks away from turkey day, and wouldn't you love to have a new four legged friend to supervise your Thanksgiving meal preparation? Just having those eyes staring at as you take every step in preparations, "Every step you take, every move you make..." Yeah, that's the best.

Don't forget that you can take your current fur babies to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for Photos With Santa, I have some details here. That's going on Saturday and is well worth 25 bucks, you'll get your sweet pet photos for your cards and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter gets to use that money on taking care of homeless pets.

Let's Go!


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

How pretty is Gentry? Also, shout out to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for the high quality photo! We can see that pretty fur that Gentry has.


Wow! So pretty! Looks like there may be some Doberman in there? Maybe? Just has characteristics anyway. So pretty, though!


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Royalty like this needs to be out of the shelter and in your home! Such a cute face! I'll forever want to say "The Dutchess is here!"

Now for some cool cats and kittens.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Scarlet looks just like the purrfect cat to hang out with you while you're watching football on Thanksgiving if you ask me.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Such attitude, such grace!


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Within a couple of months, you could have yourself a nice fluffy cat. How pretty is Mallaki?

If you're interested in checking out any of these Pets Of The Week, make sure to reach out to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Don't forget about Photos With Santa Saturday.

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