A stray cat rescued from a wall in a Cheyenne home was resting at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter at the last report.

That's according to a news release from Cheyenne and Laramie County Animal Control. According to the release, Animal Control got a call on Sunday about a cat that had gone into someone's home, climbed under a set of stairs in an unfinished basement, and would not come out. But the kitty was not done yet. Overnight and into the next day, the feline managed to climb further into the wall and ended up getting stuck.

Animal Control Had to Cut Into A Wall To Free The Frightened Feline

But with permission from the homeowner and with the help of the city safety officer, Officers Kiesel, and Wagner were able to cut a hole in the wall and get the cat out.

The cat is currently at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter on a stray hold, according to the release.

Any Laramie Couty resident with an animal-related issue is being reminded to call Animal Control at 307-632-6655.

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