Cheyenne police are working to educate parents about the difference between a lockdown and a secure perimeter.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says secure perimeters are "pretty standard" and "not something to be overly concerned about."

"That's just basically when we are responding to something near the school and we just don't want it to spill over into the school area so they just lock the doors," said Malatesta.

"You see somebody odd walking through your neighborhood you're going to lock your door," he added.  "These secure perimeters are just that, it's just locking the door to make sure that that suspicious person stays on their way and doesn't interfere."

Malatesta says secure perimeters are often confused with lockdowns.

"A lockdown is something going on in the school that they actually have a different protocol that they follow," he said.

"When we put out these secure perimeters we end up with all these upset and scared parents," he added.  " We just are trying to let them know the difference between those two things."


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