Starting today City of Cheyenne parking patrol officers are using new parking enforcement handheld computers and software, according to city Special Projects Director Bob Bradshaw.

Among the changes now in effect is that parking officers will no longer produce hand written parking tickets. Instead, the officers will input all of the information into the handheld computer which will print up the ticket on-site. Another change is that parking officers will no longer use the traditional chalk to mark tires to determine how long a vehicle has been parked. Instead, the tires will now be marked electronically.

Bradshaw says a third change is that people will only be allowed to park once a day in a given block face. That means rather than just moving their car couple of spaces ahead to avoid a ticket, motorists will have to re-park across the street or around the corner after the allotted parking time to avoid being ticketed.

Bradshaw says that ordinance was actually approved by the city council a few years ago, but is only being implemented now because of the new technology.

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