The heads of the Cheyenne Police and Fire Rescue Departments are warning motorists to keep an eye out for kids a child was hit by a car this week in the city.

The girl who was hit by a vehicle near the intersection of 12th and Diamond streets did not suffer life-threatening injuries, but Police Chief Brian Kozak and Fire Rescue Chief Gregg Hoggatt say the incident should serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for kids now that school is out. The collision happened Tuesday night.

It prompted the chiefs to remind motorists to watch out for kids in residential areas, including children who may be on bicycles.

Kozak and Hoggatt also offered these safety tips to help prevent a potential tragedy:

  • Expect the unexpected. Children may cross the street at the wrong place or suddenly run or ride in front of you
  • Obey all laws. Slow down if there are children along the road or crossing the street. Come to a full stop at intersections
  • Be predictable. Don’t make sudden maneuvers that others, particularly children on foot or on a bicycle, are not expecting
  • Double check behind you and around you when backing out of a driveway or parking space
  • Don’t be distracted. Put down the cell phone, put down the coffee, and put both hands on the wheel Avoid distractions within your vehicle, including loud noise
  • Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. It isn’t just courteous, it’s the law
  • A little extra caution is always a good idea when kids are around


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