Wyoming Department of Transportation
Wyoming Department of Transportation

The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning Interstate 80 travelers to be ready for strong winds and blowing snow through Wednesday morning.

The service issued this statement on its website early Tuesday morning:

"Westerly winds gusting to 50 mph are being observed out by Arlington this morning and around 40 mph gusts up on the Summit. We're expecting the winds to pick up after sunrise and likely to be gusting to 60-65 mph shortly thereafter. High Wind Warnings are in effect for the Arlington, south Laramie Range (Summit) as well as the eastern foothills from mid morning through 5 AM Wednesday. As you can see on the webcams, there is considerable snow at these locations, so some patchy blowing snow and areas of drifting snow could make roads slick once the winds do increase. WYDOT's latest Road Report reporting slick roads in spots with strong winds and blowing snow. If travelling on I-80 today, slow down and prepare for slick roads and strong winds."


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