Cheyenne Municipal Court hearings will be held in the city Municipal Building (commonly known as city hall) at 2101 O'Neil Ave. starting next month.

Those hearings are currently held at 309 W. 20th Street. The last day for the court at its current location is Friday (Dec. 22).

The court will be closed next week for the holiday season and relocation efforts. During that time, city citations that are not overdue can be paid online. Those that are past due can be paid by mailing a certified check or money order to 2101 O'Neil Ave. room #115.

Several renovations have been made at the Municipal Building to get it ready to house the court. They include:

-Addition of money trays and new countertops at front desk
-Addition of x-ray equipment
-Restroom renovations
-Lighting in lobby area
-Carpet work

Some electrical work has also been done.

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