A Cheyenne home that recently went on the market looks as exquisite as you might imagine given the asking price for the listing. And not only that, but it looks like Kevin McCallister's house from the iconic Christmas movie, 'Home Alone'.

I have to admit, there's been several time I've watched 'Home Alone' and wondered, "What do Kevin's parents do?" Seriously, that gargantuan house in the movie looks like it costs a serious fortune given their real estate in a Chicago suburb. Of course, it's a movie, so there's a lot of added space from additional set pieces. I learned that from watching 'Movies That Made Us' on Netflix. Like, seriously, the 'Home Alone' house is huge!

That being said, there's a huge house that just went on the market on Zillow that resembles the home. It is a little bit smaller, but the fact that it's still $1,100,000 should tell you it definitely has plenty of space in and around it to explore.

The four bedroom, three bathroom estate is not far from downtown Cheyenne as its located at 2900 Carey Ave. According to the Zillow listing, the 5,152 square foot estate includes:

...Formal foyer, living room, music room, formal dining room & country kitchen. Main floor family w/ wood burning fireplace & a solar room. Great yard. Upper level has master suite w/ grand ensuite bath w/ freestanding tub & huge walk-in closet & private balcony. 4 bedrooms, den w/ built-ins & a craft room. Beautiful stairway at foyer, plus a servant staircase...

Let's have a look at this thing...

Cheyenne Million Dollar Home Looks Like Kevin McCallister's House

And there you have it! This spot just went up on Zillow last week and it's close to downtown Cheyenne. You can check out the listing here!

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