A Cheyenne-based meteorologist says he expects a colder than average winter with roughly typical snowfall this year.

Don Day Jr. is the founder and President of Dayweather Inc. in Cheyenne.

He says last winter in southeast Wyoming was pretty tame temperature wise in January and February, with a general absence of really hard winter conditions, 'but this year, that is something we are going to have."

He says many days will feature about average winter temperatures, with daytime high temperatures in the upper 20's or lower 30's and lows in the teens. But he says there will also be enough really cold weather to push the overall average temperatures down by about three degrees, and that it will include periods of sub-zero temperatures spread over several days.

But Day says the colder weather won't include exceptionally heavy snow over the first two months of 2019. That could change in March, which may feature heavier than usual snowfall. Day says December, January, and February are typically the driest months of the year in southeast Wyoming, a pattern that will probably hold true again this year.

But Day says he does expect some snow before the end of 2018 and again in January and February, although not unusual amounts.

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