Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says she supports a time limit on parking RVs and trailers on public streets but says she thinks the 24-hour limit being proposed by a Cheyenne city councilman is not enough time.

Councilman Rocky Case is putting forward the proposal, which would apply to trailers and RVs over 70 inches tall. He says the vehicles present safety hazards on narrow streets and block the ability of drivers to see oncoming traffic at street corners.

The proposal would allow a 24-hour grace period in cases where the RV owner is visiting someone or is being loaded or unloaded.

The proposal was not well received at a meeting of the city council Public Service Committee on Wednesday, with RV owners complaining about the 24-hour limit and councilman Pete Laybourne saying he thinks the ordinance would be hard to enforce and that 24 hours is not enough time.

The general feeling on the committee seemed to be that while the issue is worth discussing, changes are needed. Councilman Case said the 24-hour limit is negotiable. Despite the negative reception in committee, the proposal will move on to the full city council on Monday night.

Mayor Orr on KGAB radio on Thursday said she thinks the RVs should face some sort of time limit, but it needs to be longer than 24 hours. The mayor said some Wyoming communities have a five-day limit.

Mayor Orr did say the RVs present problems on some of the narrower streets in the city and especially for city sanitation vehicles.

The issue of recreational vehicles on city streets in Cheyenne has been a contentious once since at least the 1990s and has sparked several battles in the city council over the years as various proposals were put forward.

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