Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says the city will use collection agencies and an aggressive booting program to get people to pay up on past due parking tickets.

The mayor made the comments in his "Mayor's Minute" column on Friday. In the column, The mayor wrote that while the city was owed $200, 000 at the start of the year in outstanding parking fines, that number has now grown to $250,000.

Earlier this year the mayor announced plans to immobilize the cars of people owing parking ticket fines using the "barnacle" car immobilization  system, even saying at one point  that he was setting a goal for city parking officers to try to lock up at least five cars per week  belonging to people owing money on parking tickets.

But that apparently has not solved the issue, as the city is owed $50,000 more now for  parking tickets than was the case at the start of the year.

The mayor on Friday wrote that while the city has managed to collect from most of the folks owing the largest balances " our parking division has not found parking compliance getting any better.''

The mayor wrote for people who owe money "Save yourself some heartache and call Ted in our parking division to get the parking tickets paid!"

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