Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says a brand new 800,000-square-foot data center developed by Goat Systems, LLC, will soon be the first tenant in the new High-Plains Business Park. The park is a newly created center spanning 3,000 acres owned by Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development (LEADS) located near Clear Creek Parkway and South Greeley Highway.

Collins made the announcement regarding '"Project Cosmo" in his weekly ''Mayoral Minute" news release on the morning of Friday, November 10, 2023.

Project Cosmo Comes to Cheyenne

The mayor is referring to the project for now as "Project Cosmo" because he says that is the code name for the project until the company planning on building the data center is ready to publicly announce their plans.

Collins, in his comments, did not specify exactly how many jobs the data center is expected to create, but he did say the project construction will produce much-needed infrastructure, including "miles of roads, water, and sewer will be paid for by the company that will be the catalyst for so much future commercial, industrial, and residential development." 

Collins says the city council is expected to take a final vote on approving the project at its next meeting on Monday night [Nov. 13].

According to Data Center Dyanmics, the timeline for construction remains hazy, however, "a previous MoU agreement between the company and the city from February suggests Goat Systems has to begin work within two years of being granted site application approval." The MOU was issued in February of 2023. Mayor Collins stated in The Mayor Minutes that the company will then start the permitting process in hopes of breaking ground on the new data center next spring.

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