A 38-year-old Cheyenne man is behind bars after allegedly pointing a gun at two female employees of a store in Frontier Mall Tuesday afternoon.

Police spokesman Officer David Inman says officers were called to the mall around 1:30 p.m. after a black man, later identified as Joshua Hayden-Ali, stopped in front of the women's store and talked about how the store was going to be next.

"The male then allegedly drew an imaginary window with his fingers, reached in his right hand pocket with his right hand, pulled out a small black revolver and pointed it at the two victims," said Inman. "The male made a gunshot sound and walked away from the store."

Inman says the women were scared so they locked themselves in the back room and called police.

"His actions caused a panic among a lot of businesses at the mall causing them to close their doors and pretty much seek protection," said Inman.

Officers were able to locate Hayden-Ali in the 2000 block of Dell Range Boulevard and he was arrested on suspicion of making terroristic threats and aggravated assault.

Inman says a gun was never located.


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