Cheyenne police investigated 94 property crimes in July, compared to just 74 in June.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says while burglary and shoplifting numbers remained relatively unchanged, the number of theft from motor vehicle and stolen vehicle cases roughly doubled.

"July is kind of when things peak, that's when our crime really hits its height," said Malatesta.  "So it did go up, but the numbers for June were drastically down."

"If you look at the year-to-year data, we're actually down significantly in each of those categories," he added.  "So it does look like things are having an impact with what the department is doing."

Police this year have been fully investigating property crimes, mapping crime trends and proactively looking for property crime offenders as part of their goal to reduce the city's property crime rate, which was 45 percent above the national average last year.


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