Cheyenne traffic division crews are scheduled to convert the intersection of Storey Boulevard and Ridge Road into a four-way stop, weather permitting.

That will be a change from the current traffic rules at the intersection, which allow motorists on Ridge Road to drive straight through without stopping. After Jan. 31 those traveling north or south on Ridge will be required to stop.

Traffic crews have already installed flashing red beacons at the stop signs on Storey Boulevard, and beacons will also be installed at the stop signs on Ridge Road once they are up. Officials plan to install a traffic signal at the intersection in 2019.

Nathan Beauheim, the City Transportation Administrator, said an increase in both traffic and accidents at the intersection over the last few years has prompted the plan to make the intersection a four-way stop. For example, in 2009 traffic counts on Storey Boulevard just west of Ridge Road were 4,493 vehicles a day.

But by 2017 the daily count had increased to an average of 6,841 vehicles.

There were also 45 accidents at the intersection in 2016 and 2017, according to the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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