Cheyenne Regional Medical Center has launched a 'meds to beds' program that allows an onsite pharmacy to deliver prescription medications directly to their hospital bed before they are sent home.

The program utilizes a retail pharmacy at the hospital.

Greg O'Barr of CRMC said, among other things, it allows patients to ask questions about their prescriptions so they have answers before they ever leave the hospital. He said that leads to lower hospital readmission rates, better clinical outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction.

O'Barr said doctors also say it helps streamline the discharge process. O'Barr said for many patients the process of being discharged from the hospital is a chaotic time, with the confusion sometimes amplified by the fact the person may still not be feeling well and may be dealing with the mental challenges posed by whatever medical issues they face.

The 'meds to beds' program helps ease that process by eliminating concerns about a trip to to the pharmacy as an extra step.

O'Barr said the 'meds to beds' program is totally optional, and patients who prefer the traditional process of contacting their pharmacy and going there to pick up their medications are free to do so.

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