Halloween parties seem to be a fun way to get through the day, as co-workers bring food and goodies to the office. But have you thought that costume might be inappropriate?

Newspressnow.com have come up with a handy list to remind us what is ok and not ok, concerning office parities. Maybe consider these before you set one up.

  1. Approval - Make sure it's ok with management before you get everyone to come dressed up in their favorite costume. Know what your workplace party policies are prior to setting this up. Remember, participation is optional and not mandatory.
  2. Have A Contest - One company I worked at had department competition and it was fun. The winning department would get to host the Halloween trophy for the year. The judges were, typically, those in executive management.
  3. Be Careful What You Wear - Many costumes are not appropriate for an office setting and could garner complaints to H.R. should some one be offended.