Both Great Clips hair salons in Cheyenne are collecting items for the flood victims in Nebraska.

Jesse, a stylist at Great Clips in Cheyenne (Vandehei Ave), says her and her husband's families both live in Nebraska and were affected by the flood. Jesse speaks with her family on a daily basis but even more so since the flood. Her aunt lives in Fremont, Nebraska, she is still recovering and getting repairs done to her house.  Let's help out not only her family but the rest of the families.

Great Clips is asking for anything to help these folks. Livestock feed is really important right now for all the farmers and their animals, as the farmers can't get to their feed.  Mens, women's and children's coats, gloves, hats, shoes, these folks need all the clothing they can get in all sizes. Any type of hygiene products would be great as well, first aid supplies would be helpful too. The survivors also need food, preferably items that don't need refrigerated. The first shipment of items will leave the first week of April.

The video underneath is from Sunday, March 17th and how the town still looks.  People have to travel by boat through the town.

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