The calendar says that it's April 14th. As this post is written, we're 99 days away from the first day of Cheyenne Frontier Days. We're close, but not close enough to start working on our immediate plans for the week and change of carnivals, live music, rodeos, pancakes, and parades.

What's a huge event without a parade or four? That's what we all asked ourselves in 2020 when we didn't get a parade or a CFD.

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Luckily, this isn't 2020. This is 2022, the second year after you know what. And once again, Cheyenne Frontier Days is on its way, and so is the parade. That means we need a Grand Marshal for the events, right? Well, the Cheyenne Frontier Days team announced the Grand Marshall for this year's Cheyenne Frontier Days Parades. General Anthony Cotton will be our Grand Marshal this year.

The announcement is a big step toward Cheyenne Frontier Days and gives us more pause to stop and think about the event making its way toward us as the calendar moves. This is a pretty awesome honor, and a General in the military is the perfect person to put this prestigious responsibility on. If he can lead the military, he can lead Wyoming's favorite parade.

Now, we just wait a little while longer—less than 100 days. Then, the floats will be ready, the banners will be hung, and a huge piece of Cheyenne will be spread to locals and travelers alike. Congrats, General Cotton. Enjoy the fun and privilege of being this year's Cheyenne Frontier Days Grand Marshal.

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