Have you done any good deeds lately?

Members of the Cheyenne Fire Department are doing a good deed for a local woman on Wednesday, May 13, by rehabilitating her yard on their day off.

Some of the crew at Cheyenne Fire and Rescue's Engine 5, on Dell Range near Walmart, will be reclaiming the yard of Joy Jackson on May 13. Lieutenant Kip Sanders had learned that Jackson's passion was gardening, but her garden had been neglected when her husband George's health declined. Sanders and other firefighters plan to get her yard back into a manageable state on Wednesday.

Last year, Cheyenne Fire and Rescue Engine 5 had responded several times to the Jackson's residence to help Mrs. Jackson get her husband into their car to go to the VA Medical Center for appointments. Her yard had gotten out of control since she had turned her attention to caring for him. Sanders said her yard was her serenity.

Lieutenant Sanders and his crew felt 'it was the right thing to do.' Here's to the crew of Cheyenne Fire & Rescue's Engine 5 for going above and beyond the call of duty to help out a community member in need.