The Billionaire who made Wyoming his home and even ran for Governor is helping those in need this Christmas by giving the one thing he has plenty of, MONEY!

According to Cowboy State Daily, Foster Friess has launched his“12 Days of Christmas” campaign through December 24. Anyone can nominate who he will be giving that money to.

I'm sure you would like to see him arrive at your door with a basket of cash, but that's not how this is going to work. Would be nice though. But no.

Mr. Friess will be giving away $5,000 per day to "charities and neighborhood heroes."

“Each day between December 13 and December 24th, I’m filling up my saddle bag with $5,000 checks,” he said.

The one thing Mr. Fries would like to know from you is, who should get the money? Don't nominate yourself. We already covered that.

You can nominate individuals and charities that you think need the help. Interested individuals should visit Friess’ website and nominate a charity or neighborhood hero. 

“Tell us why you think they could use a Christmas boost from Foster and include where they’re located. Together let’s be His hands and feet in a hurting world,” Friess said.

After you have nominated your favorite person or charity for Foster to take care of, you can then help someone yourself by helping to "Stuff The Van" in Casper Wyoming. It does not matter if you live in or near Casper. All donations go to the needy and, as you might imagine, there are a lot of needy people this year.

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