The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service says Cheyenne could see a little bit of everything over the next few days.

While Thursday's high temperature is forecast at a relatively moderate 80 degrees or so, the temperatures are expected to sizzle into the low 90s range for this weekend. But the heatwave is expected to slam to an abrupt end by the first part of next week, with low temperatures expected to dive into the freezing range by Monday and Tuesday nights.

Highs Tuesday are only forecast around 40 degrees, and we could well see the first snowfall in several months around that time. The weather service posted this statement on their website:

''I thought you said yesterday it was the start of Meteorological Fall!?! That’s right, but soon after comes the average first freezing across the area! Cheyenne and Scottsbluff’s date of average first freeze occurs in late September while the average date of first measureable snowfall arrives in October. Looking ahead to early next week, a strong cold front will pass through southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle with the possibility temperatures around the freezing mark Monday and Tuesday nights. Additionally, snow is not out of the question at elevations above 6,000 feet. Stay tuned for the latest forecast.''

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