There are plenty of places offering deals with Super Bowl Sunday coming this weekend. And definitely a lot more than what is on this list. But just to get you started, we've listed a few deals you might be able to take advantage of this weekend for your Super Bowl viewing party.

Whether you're watching the game at home, or having a small get-together, we've listed below some of the deals from national chain restaurants in Cheyenne that can make your Super Bowl that much more enjoyable this weekend. Feast away...

  • Applebee's is offering 40 free boneless wings with every $40 online order. Be sure to add the wings to your order when you're online, then when you're ready to checkout, add the promo code BIGGAME and as John Madden might say, "Boom, free wings!" The offer is available for both delivery and curbside takeout.
  • Red Lobster has 'Game Day Bundles' available through Sunday that include entrees, side, Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and free Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, or Mountain Dew. You had us as Cheddar Bay Biscuits!
  • Panda Express has a Family Meal available through Sunday that comes with three large entrees and two large sides for just $29 with $0 delivery fee. That's right, free delivery! As an experienced veteran of eating Panda Express, if you don't get the Orange Chicken for an entree, you're doing it wrong!
  • Buffalo Wild Wings has a circumstantial promotion. If the big game goes to overtime, everyone gets free wings! Well, okay, everyone can get six free traditional or boneless wings if the game goes to overtime, which has only happened once in the history of the Super Bowl (2017, but hey, Tom Brady was in that one too, so it could happen).

So there it is, deals! That's just a few, but at least it gives you some options. There's probably a lot more around Cheyenne happening for Sunday that we have no clue about. Take advantage and enjoy a feast at your Super Bowl viewing this year!

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