The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities is warning people about the dangers of a "FOG clog" this holiday season. FOG stands for fats, oils and grease.

BOPU spokeswoman Dena Egenhoff says pouring hot, melted fats down your drain can cause major problems when the fats cool and create a clog.

That, in turn, can cause a sewer backup into your and/or your neighbors home, which can really ruin your holiday, not to mention your basement and your home's aroma. Egenhoff says it's important to pour greasy, oily waste into an empty container like a can.

You should then let the can cool and throw it away in a sealed bag to avoid spillage. Scrape food from pots, pans,  and plates into the trash prior to washing, not into the garbage disposal.

Things like drippings from holiday turkey, buttery sauces, gravies or bacon should never, under any circumstances, be washed down the drain, according to Egenhoff.

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