Cheyenne police said Monday they have identified the booze bandit who keeps hitting Scooter's Package Liquor.

"We had like 10 tips come in all naming the same dude, and were able to verify it was Eric Albert Smith, 23, of Cheyenne," said Officer David Inman.

Smith is alleged to have stolen liquor from the store numerous times, most recently on Jan. 6.

"The owner would see him walk in and walk out with stuff, but he wouldn't call," said Inman. "He didn't give an exact amount, but he said it was enough to where he was like, 'Alright, I've got to start making a police report now.'"

Inman says Smith "hasn't been served yet," but it's unlikely he'll face any charges other than a misdemeanor shoplifting ticket.

"It wasn't a felony amount or anything that he took," said Inman.


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