The City of Cheyenne announced Thursday that the State Loan and Investment Board has awarded the city a $1 million American Rescue Plan Act grant for the Van Buren Avenue Stormwater Sewer Interceptor Project.

City Engineer Thomas Cobb says the ARPA money will help offset project costs of $3.8 million and provide significant flood control at East Dell Range Boulevard and Van Buren Avenue.

"This project area has been identified for infrastructure development for the safety of residents and businesses and will facilitate continued economic growth and development to the east," Cobb said in a press release.

Cobb says the city provided $2.8 million in matching funds through the 5th Penny Sales Tax.

"The storm sewer interceptor will be designed for the 50-year storm event and will provide the highest level of protection for the area," he said.

"This critical infrastructure project benefits existing city and county neighborhoods and will permit expansion for new housing development," added Cobb.


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