Another week flying by and another week with the best of the best from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Don't forget to check out the Corgi Derby, which is coming up May 1st at Pine Bluff's Distilling. This is a pretty cool event and hey, who doesn't love to watch Corgi's try to run and do funny things? I still have my hand raised.

Let's start off with those big ole woofers.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Pink is a 5 year old mix breed, just looking for someone to throw the dang ball to her. Just throw the ball, come on! That's what I imagine she's saying in that picture.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Shea is a 7-year-old retriever mix breed and is so pretty. I love that red coat. She's just looking for a couch to nap on while you're working. That's all. And probably a nice toy to chew on.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Cecilia is a 3-year-old mixed breed. She looks like the type of dog to have the "happy dog" song from TikTok playing while she's doing happy dog stuff.

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Now, how about all those fine felines?


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Barnaby is a one-year-old cat. He also has the most boss name of any cat.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Whisper is a 12-year-old male, but so pretty. Let's find him a home! He's been on the lookout for a while now.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Burst is a one-year-old male and check out that stache! What a handsome guy.


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