In this past year, more than 6,000 animals stepped through the doors at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Of those 6,000, 3,000 have been adopted out to their furever home.  1,000 of them were returned back to their original owner.  More than 500 animals were transferred either in or out of the shelter.  The vets were busy with performing over 2,000 surgeries and they had more than 4,000 calls throughout the community.

With over 6,000 animals coming through this past year, it can be expensive and the shelter is always accepting donations.  Here is what your money will go towards, $10 donation helps to get a leash and toys, $25 helps with transfers from shelter to shelter.  $50 goes a really long way, that is the average cost to keep an animal in the shelter per day for food, lights, and staff.  If you are really feeling generous, $150 will bring food for the entire shelter for a day.

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