The Cheyenne Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect in a series of tool burglaries that occurred in Buffalo Ridge.

According to a department Facebook post, the burglaries occurred near the 4900 to 5100 blocks of Greybull Avenue.

Google Maps | Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook | Canva
Google Maps | Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook | Canva

"Between the evening of March 31 and early morning of April 1, we received three reports of these incidents," the post reads.

Police say in two cases, the suspect broke into a garage and stole tools, and in the other case, tools were stolen out of a toolbox located in the bed of a truck.

Police on Friday released security footage of the suspect (see below) which shows the individual entering the backyard of a home and covering the camera.

Anyone who recognizes the individual or who knows anything about the burglaries is asked to call Detective Sgt. Kevin Malatesta at 307-633-6653.


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