Changes may be on the horizon for Casper's code of ethics for elected officials.

Casper mayor Paul Meyer said Casper City Council will mull proposals to bolster the city's ethical code during a work session this Tuesday.

“Our state ordinances, which all Casper ordinances are based on, are superficial – they’re there to embarrass public officials, not to correct the actions,” Meyer said on Friday.

Meyer said the code must be overhauled, but he also said he's hesitant about adding specific provisions to allow for the outright removal of council members accused of committing ethical violations.

“No, I don’t think I’d like to see it go that far, but saying that you’re a bad boy or a bad girl in public isn’t sufficient,” Meyer said.

The discussion comes after council, in a 6-2 vote during a May special session, asked Ward II councilman Craig Hedquist to resign. Hedquist ignored the non-binding request and returned to council later that month.

The city is accusing Hedquist of bullying city staff. Hedquist is also accused of leveraging his position as a councilman for the benefit his road construction company, Hedquist Construction.

Council will meet at Casper City Hall this Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

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