Wyoming has several celebrities that call the state home, but most are transplants, like Harrison Ford, Kanye West and Jeffree Star. One particular star, not only can call the Cowboy State home, but also Casper. His name, Jim J. Bullock.

Jim Jackson Bullock was born in Casper on February 9th, 1955. He was a series regular on the 80's sitcom, Too Close for Comfort, but he's probably most known for playing the character Prince Valium in Spaceballs. He was also a semi-regular on the television series ALF and a mainstay on the game show Hollywood Squares.

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Bullock will return to his hometown for the upcoming Wyoming Pop Culture Convention, scheduled to take place on Friday, August 20th, 2021 and go through Sunday, August 22nd, 2021.This will be the Wyoming's first annual PopCon. It's not just comic books and cosplay, but all things pop culture and boasts plenty of other celebrity guests.

We're just happy one of our own is making his way back.

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