3:28 P.M. UPDATE:

Cheyenne police say one juvenile has been identified as the source of the bomb threat, and there's not believed to be any ongoing threat to the community.

The incident remains under investigation.


A bomb threat prompted a lockdown of South High School Tuesday morning, according to officials.

Laramie County School District 1 Community Relations Director Mary Quast issued the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

At South High the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We were notified at approximately 10:20 a.m., by law enforcement through a 911 call to place the school in a secure perimeter due to a bomb threat. Through the Cheyenne Police department’s diligence and the use of bomb dogs the school was rendered safe. Secure perimeter was lifted at 11:45 a.m. Throughout this time students and staff remained safe in their classrooms. Threats like this are taken very seriously. We appreciate the partnership with law enforcement. As always safety is our first priority.

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Eight minutes after LCSD1 issued a statement, police posted the following information on their Facebook page:

At approximately 10:30 a.m. the Cheyenne Police Department was dispatched to a report of a bomb threat at South High School.
School Resource Officers and school administrators met immediately to assess the potential threat and establish a secure perimeter. Specialty law enforcement units conducted a thorough walk-through of the school and quickly determined the threat to be unsubstantiated. The Laramie County School District has sent notifications to parents. The secure perimeter was lifted at 11:45 a.m.
Safety is our top priority and we take all threats very seriously. We will continue to work closely with our partners in education to investigate this incident.

When asked who made the bomb threat and/or if an arrest was made, police spokeswoman Alex Farkas told KGAB Radio, "The information I am able to provide at this time is contained in the CPD's social media post."

A phone message left for South Principal Phil Thompson was not immediately returned.

Quast says South sent a message out notifying families about a lockdown drill that was conducted at 9:05 a.m. and then the actual lockdown occurred, causing some confusion as to what was going on at the school.

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