Black Tooth really has it all, great beer, and now, an award winning taproom. In case you missed it, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce awarded the new to Cheyenne brewery(based in Sheridan) with a Business Beautification Award. I’ll tell you one thing, they absolutely got this right! 

Admittedly, I’m a card-carrying member of their mug club, so all bias aside, this place is gorgeous. You walk in and everything is what I’d call new rustic? Maybe I made that term up, but you’ll see plenty of rustic aspects that shine across the tap room, from the beautiful wood bar, to the barn door that slides across their party room, to their whiskey barrels scattered across the venue. The smell, also, it smells so new. I can’t really describe it with a ton of description, but mentally, I associate the new smell with the beautiful taproom. 

I mean, they made a whole transformation from this old paper plant 


And look at that work on the bar!


The Greater Cheyenne Chamber Of Commerce describes the Business Beautification Award as 

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce's Beautification Award recognizes businesses going above and beyond by investing in physical improvements to their location. 

If you haven't gone to grab a tasty brew, grab some food from their food trucks that they have frequent their taproom, or just check out the aesthetics, you're really missing out. The work that they have done really paid off.

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