A bill that could eventually lead to making Interstate 80 in Wyoming a toll road has been filed for the 2020 session of the Wyoming Legislature.

Senate File 6 is being sponsored by the Joint Highways, Transportation and military affairs committee. Even though the bill would allow for the creation of an I-80 toll road, it would likely take several years before that could happen, assuming lawmakers sign off on the idea.

One hurdle that would have to be cleared is the fact that so far no federal highway in the country has been made a state toll road. Supporters of making I-80 the first such toll road say it would probably take at least a decade before the plan could become a reality, because of the approval process from the federal government in addition to the logistics of actually imposing a toll system for the highway.

The idea of making I-80 a toll road in Wyoming has been discussed for at least a decade, but so far no such proposal has won final approval from state lawmakers.

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