A bill filed on Thursday for the upcoming session of the Wyoming Legislature aims to protect gun rights from infringement by the federal government.

You can read House Bill 118 here.

The bill is also known as the ''Second Amendment Preservation Act," and is sponsored by Rep. Mark Jennings (R-Sheridan County) and 13 co-sponsors.

Among other things, it would declare a list of possible actions or laws as an infringement on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Those actions would include gun registration, gun confiscation efforts, special taxes aimed only at firearms and gun accessories and other similar actions.

The bill would also declare anyone who tried to enforce such actions in Wyoming as being disqualified to work for any state or local law enforcement agency. The Wyoming Legislature will convene it's 2020 session on Monday, Feb. 10 in Cheyenne.

Because it is a budget session, non-budget items such as House Bill 118 will need a 2/3 majority vote to be introduced.

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