A bill that would prohibit most sex change procedures for minors under Wyoming law has passed a committee vote in the Wyoming House of Representatives and is now headed to the full House.

Senate File 99 has already passed the Wyoming Senate. The vote in favor of the measure in the House Judiciary Committee on Monday was 7-2.

Bill Sponsor: "We're Not Going To Do This To Children''

The primary sponsor of the bill, Senator Anthony Bouchard [R-Laramie County] told the committee "We have to put our foot down here and say we're not going to do this to children. I've handed you those pictures of those young children. Whose going to save them? Those little ones don't have a voice. The only ones who have voices are the ones who are teenagers and said 'Wow, why did we do this?' Why didn't somebody tell me that I couldn't change back? Why didn't somebody tell me that I would have health problems? That it's a lifetime of medical care if I stay on this road? So we have to save these kids. You're not going to please everybody."

Child Psychiatrist Warns Bill Could CauseTeen Suicides

Speaking against the bill was Justin Romano, a child psychiatrist with the Cheyenne Children's Clinic. He told the committee he had experience with a clinic working with transgender teens. He said he also has dealt with about a dozen transgender teens during his eight months in Cheyenne. He said that data from around the world shows that "gender-affirming care does decrease the rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. I think that preventing people from getting gender-affirming care will raise the suicide rate for young people in Wyoming. I think the loss of life of anyone that is preventable would be a tragedy."

The committee vote in favor of the bill sends it to the full Wyoming House, where it must pass three readings before being sent to Governor Mark Gordon.

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