This is how you grow young kids into fine adults.

The Laramie County Fair is Wyoming’s oldest fair and it recognizes the young Wyomingites who will follow in their parents footsteps with programs like The 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America. Keep kids busy raising animals instead of having their noses pushed into a small screen. They will be better adults.


There’s that, AND there’s pig wrestlin’ on August 10th

Matthew Gehrman via YouTube

There’s also mutton bustin’!

Coming on the heels of Cheyenne Frontier Days and being spread over two locations, The Laramie County Fair is not a star status event but it is Wyoming’s oldest and largest county fair and it offers free admission.

The people who are the backbone of Wyoming, the ranchers, the farmers, the people who supply and keep them going are celebrated and honored. Those who excel at horsemanship, raising horses, cattle, sheep and pigs (baaaacon…) goats, chickens, geese, turkey, rabbits, alpaca and the working dogs that mind them are recognized and honored. So are the working machines and those who work with them and keep them going. Here’s to those who till the soil and take on the annual gamble with Mother Nature that they can raise the food that feeds us all.

There are awards for the do-it-yourselfers who work with fabric and fashion, knitting & crocheting, foods and nutrition, food preservation and related skills in a most noble life of self reliance called ranching, the heart of Wyoming culture. It ain’t easy, but it is a lifestyle recognized, romanticized and I dare say, envied around the world. The ranchers of the wild west.

Check out the Centennial Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show-Parade of Tractors and Tractor Pull. There’s also the $10 big attraction of the demolition derby in the Frontier Park Arena, where the cars bash, bend and break for your entertainment. That will happen Friday, August 12th.

cheryl brown via Youtube

There will be a comedic hypnotist and magicians, remote control cars, laser tag and a chance to “walk on water,” inside a big transparent bubble.

Turn off the big screen TV and put down the game controllers. Leave virtual reality for real reality. It’s Americana and some of the best of what we are, along with some simple good times.

For more information see Laramie County Fair.