Police in Cheyenne responded to an unusual call over the weekend after a bear wandered into town.

According to a department Facebook post, a resident called to report the bear near Clear Creek Park, a 45-acre park located on Southwest Drive, about a half mile north of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Canva | Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook | Google Maps
Canva | Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook | Google Maps
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"Its paw appeared to be hurt but it managed to climb up into a tree," the post reads.

With help from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Cheyenne Firefighters, the bear was safely captured, evaluated, and relocated to a new home in the Snowy Range.

"You’ve asked us about rescuing a cat out of a tree … Have you ever thought we’d help rescue a bear out of a tree," Cheyenne Firefighters posted on Facebook.

Due to Cheyenne's close proximity to the mountains, officials say it's not uncommon for wildlife such as mountain lions, moose, and bears to occasionally find their way into town.

Police say if you encounter a fuzzy friend, here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Never approach or feed wildlife. This not only creates a dangerous situation for you, but it also puts animals at risk.
  • Keep pets leashed to avoid unintentional encounters with wildlife.
  • If an animal is behaving strangely, appears to be injured, or is in an area that poses a risk to people, contact dispatch at 307-637-6525 for help connecting with the best resource.

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