Today's 'Hold onto Your Butts' news story is about a bear who should have, in fact, held onto its butt. 

Boulder County Sheriff's Office shared on Facebook that the cause of this dinged up Subaru(?) over the 4th of July weekend was a 'butt shift' after a bear broke into it.

The bear not only got into the car, but supposedly then knocked the car into neutral, causing it to roll backwards 100 feet down a hill, hitting a tree.

Last night a delinquent bear pulled open an unlocked driver's door and climbed in, and of course, the door closed behind it. The bear worked on digging out through all 4 doors, but apparently butt-shifted the car into neutral. The car rolled back and off the driveway and about 100 ft down the hill. The four legged suspect swiped a tree, rendering the car undrivable, but in the process popped a door open, and fled on foot... er, on paws in an unknown direction. - Boulder County Sheriff's Office

The photo was posted as a reminder to always lock your car doors when in bear country — no ifs ands or butts.

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