Yesterday's snowstorm didn't break any records here in Cheyenne, but it did bring some much needed moisture to the area.

According to Meteorologist Chad Hahn with the National Weather Service in Cheyenne, yesterday's 4.6 inches of snow, coupled with last Wednesday's record-breaking 14.1 inches, helped to make this March one of the snowiest and wettest on record.

"As of yesterday, it's the fourth snowiest March on record with 27.1 inches of snow," said Hahn. "The record value is 39.2 inches of snow which fell back in 1990."

"We certainly added a little bit here this morning, but not enough to boost us any further," Hahn added. "The next one is 31.9 inches back in 1983."

This March was also the fifth wettest March on record.

"For the month we're sitting at 2.49 inches of liquid. Our normal value for March is 1.01 inches," said Hahn. "Last year we had 11/100ths in March, so we're about 2 1/4 inches above where we were at this time last year."

Hahn says the Cheyenne area should see warming temperatures throughout the week and into early next week, but he does expect a wet spring.

"Coming out of a strong El Nino, we are still thinking above average precipitation amounts through the month of April and May," said Hahn. "That's kind of the pattern that we've seen develop these last two weeks in March."

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