August 1st marks the anniversary of a storm that covered Cheyenne, Wyoming with over 6 inches of rain and up to a foot of hail. The storm which took 12 lives and injured 70 people also caused over $65 million dollars in damage to the community.

Over a period of about three hours, 6.06 inches of rain fell at the National Weather Service Office, breaking the state record for 24-hour precipitation that had stood since 1927. Of that amount, 3.50 inches fell in one hour, also setting a new state record. Hail stones up to two inches in diameter accumulated to depths of 11–12 inches. The hail washed into low-lying areas, where it piled up as high as six feet.

In memory of the event, the city of Cheyenne created a website with personal accounts of the event as well as pictures taken on that day in 1985.

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