As we are heading into the last weekend in February, gas prices are looking like they're headed for an increase as issues have escalated overseas. Despite the national average for gas price being up, Wyoming's has stayed well below it for the time being.

The statewide average gas price in Wyoming is $3.43 per gallon. That price is up three cents from just one week ago. A month ago, that average gas price was $3.31, so the upward trend in average price for the Cowboy State continues. The nationwide average is currently $3.57. So Wyoming doesn't have it nearly as bad at the pump as some do...yet.

With issues happening overseas with the Russia invasion of Ukraine, it's looking like an increase in gas price may be an issue for everyone in the U.S. How does the Russian attack affect us? It's because Russia produces approximately 17 percent of natural gas and 12 percent of the world's oil. As AAA has noted, with sanctions hitting Russia due to their attack on Ukraine, crude oil prices are already shooting up as they have over the past few days.

As that Russian invasion situation escalates, it's likely that more sanctions and actions in retaliatory fashion may take place, which will only put more pressures on the oil markets.

As for the cheapest local prices, both Laramie County and Albany County remain as some of the cheapest in all of Wyoming. Laramie County's average gas price per gallon is at $3.31 while Albany Country is at $3.24 per gallon.

The Loaf N' Chug on Lincolnway in Cheyenne currently has gas for $2.95 per gallon with the next lowest at Sam's Club on Dell Range, Walmart on Livingston, and Gasamat on Lincolnway. In Laramie, Tumbleweed Express on Bluebird Ln is the cheapest at $2.97 per gallon while the Sinclair on Grand Ave is at $3.13 per gallon.

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