Cheyenne has been recently hit with phony IRS scams in addition to other scams, such as a Facebook scam, and a family member crash scam. One individual called into the KGAB morning show to share his story.

The good news is that the old gentleman who called the KGAB talk line and joined us on air was not fooled by the scammer who had just called him.

Apparently, he had just received a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS informing him that they would soon be at his house to seize his car, and other property, maybe even to arrest him.

"The IRS does not make phone calls like that," I informed him. He knew that already. He told me that they wanted him to call back and settle the issue. He had no intention of making that call.

With this sort of scam, the scammer makes a call, hoping to intimidate the potential victim. One way to filter out the scammers is to let them know you will call them back using a real IRS phone line.

The IRS is also aware of these scams. They have dedicated a few pages of their website explaining the problem.

If you get a call like this do not call back the number they gave you. Call your local authorities or contact the IRS. Then, once you have turned over all the information you can, relax, no one from the IRS will be showing up.

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