After 8 years Wyoming Governor Matt Mead is leaving the governor's mansion, and the governor's office. That means there is a lot of cleaning up to do. He has very little time left to get it all done.

Here are 5 things Governor Mead must get done before he leaves.

1). Clear his browser history. While we are sure there is nothing bad on his office computer, one can never be too careful. Besides, who knows if Gov' Elect Mark Gordon is nosy or not.

2). Check all the desk drawers. The loose change and hot sauce packets that Governor Freudenthal left behind can stay there.

3). Try to remember where all the bodies are buried. Leave a note or something for Governor Gordon, so he does not bury his bodies in the same place.

4). Change the Wyoming Governor's answering machine message by doing best impersonation of Mark Gordon. Something like 'Hey this is Governor GORDO!'

5). Move the potted plant over the stain on the oriental rug. If Mark notices it he will have it cleaned and send the bill. Accountants are jerks like that.

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