We have had 8 years of Governor Matt Mead. Even though Mark Gordon and Mead are friends, I'm sure there are a few things that Mr. Gordon will want to quickly change when he steps into the governors's mansion, and his new office.

Here are 5 things that might be on that list.

1). Check all the desk drawers in the governor's office to see what Mead left behind. Usually that means loose change and packets of hot sauce from ordering takeout.

2). Change the passwords on the governor's computer. Make it is something Mead would never think of. It's not like Matt Mead is prone to snooping, but, can't be to careful.

3). Check to see if Governor Mead cleared his browser history. If not, what goodies did he leave behind?

4). Call Mead about the bodies that were buried. Gordon does not need to know where they are, but he needs to make sure, over the next 4 years, at least, not to bury his bodies in the same place.

5). Change the official governor's answering machine to something new, like, 'Hey this is Gov GORDO!' Or whatever sounds cool.

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