A new ordinance has been passed in Cheyenne giving law enforcement the authority to remove what they consider to be abandoned and junk vehicles.

Locals have been expressing their outrage.

Despite the objections, city code enforcement and local police insist they will be tagging and towing away junk even if the owner insists it is not junk.

So then, how do you know if that classic old girl in your yard will be targeted? Here are 5 easy tell signs.

Here are 5 easy tell signs if your car is a piece of junk:

1). If there is a tree growing out of it. By that, I mean, anywhere. Through the hood. Through the windshield. Through the roof. The bigger the tree the more junk the car is.

2). Did a cat move in and have babies? How many litters has the cat had in the past few years? Does the car meow at various times of the day or night?

3). How long has that homeless guy been receiving mail addressed to the glove box? Do you ever see pizzas get delivered to the car?

4). Did you mow your lawn last weekend and have to weed wack under, and in the car?

5). Did you try to donate it to a charity and they turned you down?

If any of these tell signs fit your car, you can bet the city is going to tow it.

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