I can't remember a day in my life when politicians and news media weren't trying to tell us all that the end of was coming, soon, and we would all die of so many horrible things if we did not act soon.

NEW FLASH: The world has always been full of both wonderful and horrible events. There has never been such a thing as "the good old days." These people who are trying to keep you in a panic really only do so because they crave power and money. Most of what they are telling you is not true.

It is true that 2020 sucked more than most years. But as a species humans have been through much worse than anything you and I have seen in  our lifetimes. If we have been through far worse than this then we will do just fine.

2021 does not have to suck for everyone on the planet. You can have a great year.

First, I would like to suggest turning off most of the junk that is called "news" and just paying attention to the few things that really matter. This will help you focus.

Second, just follow these 5 rules and 2021 can be a great year for you.

RULE 1: Positive attitude. Quit listing to all the doom and gloom! Let's move into the year with a plan to make our lives better than last year. (That "make a plan" part is the most important thing I have said so far).

RULE 2: Government does not solve problems. They have always made things worse. Solve your own problems.

RULE 3: Help those around you who need a hand up. We need to be good friends, family, and neighbors.

RULE 4: Envision how you want your life to be. Work to make it that way.

RULE 5: Remember that obstacles are just challenges to help you learn and make you wiser.

Go have a great 2021.

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