This time of year we find ourselves adjusting our thinking from the cold and cooler temps of winter and spring. It's hot, and we don't want to leave our dogs in the car.

There are many reasons not to leave your dogs in a hot car this time of year. This big one being that they can die. But there are other reasons not to leave your animals in hot car, even if you're only going to be a way for 15 minutes.

  1. Cars Get Hot - Fast - If the temperature is 75 outside, it can be 110 degrees inside the car. Cracking the windows does not help.
  2. They can suffer brain damage - If hot temperatures can cook an egg, what do you think it does to a dogs brain? Experts say that it can cause swelling in their head and may not be able to recover.
  3. Blood Pressure - When it's too hot, the blood vessels in the dog begin to dilate. Which means the heart works harder trying to get blood to the dilated vessels. Then the blood pressure drops.
  4. Damaged Bodily Organs - The kidneys can be affected in the worst ways. The kidney cells can suffer, what is called, thermal damage. Small blood clots can begin to form which causes more kidney damage and can clot in the brain as well.
  5. The Body Reaches 109 F - If the dogs body reaches 109 degrees, the results can be very sad. Because of the severe damage to the dogs body and brain, this high temperature can result in irreversible brain damage, seizures, a coma and then death.

As you can see, it's not worth taking a chance leaving your dog in a hot car. Obviously, these are worst case scenarios, but the results can be very real. If your dog is obese, short nosed, or have respiratory problems, the risk is higher, according to some studies.

If you see a dog locked in a hot car, try and contact the store manager so they can page the owner. If that doesn't work, call the local police department, Laramie County Animal Control at 307-635-1453 or after hours at 307-286-5089, or 911.