They Mayor of Cheyenne Wyoming wants it gone. Most of us agree that something needs to be done.

But whenever we talk about it we come across issues with property rights and if the taxpayers should be on the hook for demolition.

Now, the city has given The Hitching Post 30 days to take those buildings down, or else. Not sure what the "or else" is, but there you have it.

Here are 5 creative ideas for getting rid of The Hitching Post that might solve all of our problem's at once.

1). If we had a massive bonfire, inviting food vendors and beer for sale, we could draw a huge audience and actually make money.

2). Some homes in Cheyenne have a termite problem. Most people want to kill those termites. Why not relocate them to the hitching post and let them enjoy the feast. It is a natural and nonpolluting solution.

3). Send word out that there is treasure to be found at The Hitching Post. It's either in the walls, the ceiling, or foundation. Someone just needs to get into the place and rip it apart looking for it. Trust me, people will come from all over the world to have at it.

4). Ask local farmers to have a tractor pull contest for charity. Lets see who can do he most damage. It would be down by the end of the day.

5). We have a dynamite factory right up the road. Ask them to make a tax-deductible donation. What are we waiting for?

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