So now that we have established that your car might be towed as junk is there a way to tricking them into passing the old heap up?

Here are 5 creative suggestions that will force the city to leave your vehicle along, no matter if they like it or not.

1). Turn your old junk vehicle a flower bed. You might have seen someone take an old metal frame bed and cleverly turn it into a "flower bed." That means that old junk bed frame will not be hauled away by code enforcement. So then why not do the same for your old junk vehicle? 

2). If a converting a car into a bed of flowers works then turning the old heap into a vegetable garden will work just as well, and you get fresh tomatoes out of the deal. This even works with your old tires.

3). Got a brown thumb? No worries. Turn that old hunk of junk into art. You don't even have to be a good artist. Just glue junk to it and splash the old girl with colorful paint. If you have spare parts lying around then just attached that to the hood and make up some lame story about what inspired you.

4). Got more than one vehicle? No worries. If Carhenge can get away with it so can you. Just find a clever way to arrange the vehicles so it looks like, um, something.Then make up a story about whatever it is.

5). Put a historic plaque on it. Say you are not so creative that you can make junk art and you have a brown thumb. No problemo. Just have a historic plaque make and stick it to the side of the vehicle. There you go. They won't mess with history, will they? Author's Note: The story on the plaque does not need to be true, just convincing.

Now your neighbors, who thought you were a slob, think that you are a clever creative person. Where they used to complain about you and take pictures of your vehicle to send to code enforcement, they now take pictures and post them on FaceBook, bragging about their wonderfully creative neighbor.

Best of all the city can no longer demand that your license, tag, and insure your car. It's history, art, or a glorious sculpture.

Author's Note: To the city council of Cheyenne and to the mayor. I would like to apologize for the headache I am causing you by posting these ideas. But this is so much fun I just could not help myself. 

Other great idea for disguising your car include:



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